Balloon is a solo dance performance that explores the desire to control, and yet be controlled at the same time. These juxtaposed qualities being placed within a system of rules; creating a sort of game the performer plays with her self and numerous balloons.

The piece seeks to test the limits of the performers perseverance while challenging her to find creative ways to manipulate, change and evolve the rules of the game as she plays it. Thus, creating a crosslink between preset conditions and real time improvisation.


Yummy is a dance piece that exposes a different approach to the action of eating, proposing a playful and imaginative view in regards to the preparation and consumption of food. The project focuses on the physical sensations and associations that food provokes in us via investigations of different ways to enjoy the act of eating and questioning the well-known saying “DON’T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD! It is a melting pot that combines both western and eastern kitchens and culinary traditions, while referring to a vast variety of customs and conventions as well as modern methods of cooking and various types of food